A Peek Inside Our Dome

Dome Update Summer 2016


Phase 2 of the dome is being installed this summer, we will reopen the Church on on Saturday, September 10, 2016. We invite you to be with us during this historic time in our parish.

 Meet the 10 men who are responsible for installing our mosaic dome this summer.  They hail from Holland, Italy and Poland and work together to be sure the sacred art fabricated by Mellini Art Glass and Mosaics and drawn by Master Artisan, Romano Cosci, transforms our sanctuary into the vision inspired by its overall  theme, “Trinity through the Cross.”   This work took over 2 years to draw and another 3 years to completely fabricate.  Through it all, we have been blessed to have a team that is drawn to our parish both spiritually and emotionally.  Like you, they look forward to the weekend of Sept 10-11 when the work will be revealed to the parish for the first time.  Save the date for this historic moment in our parish’s history.

Photo: from left to right: Massimo Mellini, Andrea Ricci, Danieli Cosinovi, Marco Ceragioli, Marco Tiacasso, Zbigniew Stopa, Fausto Candido, Corrado Maganzi, Vito Aiello.





Fun Facts:

Pray for our parish and our workers!









Phase 1 of the project was installed during the Summer of 2014. Artisan installers from Florence, Italy completed the installation of the Lamb of God and Four Angel Pendentives that reflect the four marks of the Church in Latin, “Unam, Sanctam, Catholicam, Apostolicam,” which stands for One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic” Church.


We  so excited to report the Westlake Picayune covered the progress of our church and chapel in the July 24, 2014 edition please take a few minutes to read the story

The pictures below illustrate the work accomplished for Phase 1 of our Dome.

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