Our Mission: Lead families closer to Jesus Christ. 

We accomplish our mission by engaging families, creating opportunities to encounter Jesus Christ and empowering families to participate more fully in the Catholic Church.  We engage families to build relationships and create a sense of belonging in our parish  community.  We provide opportunities for families to encounter Jesus Christ through the sacraments, scripture, witness and prayer.  We empower our families to be faithful participants in the life and mission of  the Church.  We invite you to join our community and explore your faith.

St. John Neumann has a variety of ways for adults, young and old, to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ, their community and each other. Whether you’re interested in being an usher at Mass or looking for a weekend retreat, we can help you get more engaged. Below you will find a listing of ways to get involved that includes events, clubs, faith formation programs and volunteer opportunities.


    We have purchased a gift for every family in our parish: a subscription to FORMED, a wonderful website that has been called a “Catholic Netflix.” FORMED has inspiring movies and video based studies, audio talks and e-books from the Church's most compelling speakers and authors.

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  • Becoming Catholic

    Are you searching for a deeper relationship with God or a sense of belonging in a faith community? Have you been curious about how Catholics relate to Mary and the saints or about Catholic moral and social teachings? Get answers to your questions about the Catholic faith.

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  • Adult Confirmation

    If you are an adult who was baptized Catholic and received your First Holy Communion but was never confirmed, this class is for you! Classes start Wednesday, June 5, 2019!

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  • Living Your Strengths

    God made each of us on purpose and for a purpose, and he gave each of us a unique set of talents to help us to achieve that purpose. It is in God’s plan that some of us are problem solvers and doers, some are great listeners, some are more influential, and others are great thinkers. Who did God plan for YOU to be?

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