Living Your Strengths


Have you ever wondered what God has planned for your life, or how you can become the best version of yourself?

What if we started doing more of what we are good at doing, and using our limited time and energy to develop our natural talents into strengths?

What if you could find a career or ministry that utilizes your unique God-given talents?

Living Your Strengths is a ministry designed to help adults maximize their God-given talents in all aspects of life – personal, professional, and spiritual.

God made each of us on purpose and for a purpose, and he gave each of us a unique set of talents to help us to achieve that purpose.  It is in God’s plan that some of us are problem solvers and doers, some are great listeners, some are more influential, and others are great thinkers.  Who did God plan for YOU to be?


This new ministry currently provides two facilitator-led offerings to help individuals discover their talents and further develop their strengths using Gallup’s CliftonStrengths online assessment tool as the starting point.



Strengths Introduction is a three-hour session to help participants begin to discover their God-given talents. It helps to “get your feet wet” through a top-line introduction to Living Your Strengths. Taking Gallup’s CliftonStrengths online assessment  is required to participate. 

Saturday, September 22
St. Timothy Room
9AM-noon – Introduction to Living Your Strengths
1-4PM – Facilitator Training (optional)

Option 1: Register for the retreat ($25) and we’ll provide the book with an access code to take the online assessment.

Option 2:  Have you already taken the assessment? Register for the retreat ($5 no book option) and bring your top 5 themes to the retreat.

Option 3:  Don’t want the book? Register for the retreat ($5 no book option), buy your Top Five CliftonStrengths access HERE (currently priced at $19.99), and bring your top 5 to the retreat.

One time only: Because this program is new to SJN, we will have a Facilitator Training following the Introduction. Facilitators are needed to guide participants in  a 6-week Strengths Exploration group (see below). Depending on your results, this may be the perfect ministry for you! Please let us know when you register if you plan to attend.


Sign up at the Introduction retreat.

Strengths Exploration is a small-group program designed to help you discover your God-given talents and begin to shift your focus away from fixing your weaknesses. Participants learn to start spending time and energy on doing more of what they are good at doing.  With the guidance of trained facilitators, groups begin by exploring each individual’s CliftonStrengths top talent themes—their regular patterns of behavior—and determine how to apply these talents in their personal, professional and spiritual lives to fulfill God’s purpose for each. These positive and uplifting sessions meet weekly for 90-minutes for six weeks.

This fall we are offering 3 options for the small group exploration:

Sundays, Sept 30-Nov 4, 3:30-5pm, Holy Family Center Meeting Room

Tuesdays, Oct 2-Nov 9, 9:30-11am, Holy Family Center Meeting Room

Thursdays, Oct 4-Nov 15, 7-8:30 pm, Holy Family Center Meeting Room

For more information contact Laura Hughes, Director of Adult Faith Formation, at or at 512-328-3220, ext. 117.

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