Parishioners – The Glade’s

Congratulations to Bill and Marlene Glade!

Bill and Marlene Glade were recipients of the C.J. “Dutch” Kellerman Memorial Leadership Award at the  9th Annual Catholic Schools celebration on January 28, 2017.  This special award is dedicated to those who are instrumental in raising awareness for all things Catholic and, in particular,  Catholic schools.  Both Bill and Marlene have been long time advocates for Catholic education and have worked tirelessly to expand the available Catholic school options in the Diocese of Austin.  In fact, Marlene served on the founding committees of both St. Michael’s Catholic Academy and St. Gabriel’s Catholic School.  She also worked on behalf of St. Austin’s and the Cathedral School of St. Mary’s and many others.  Together, their leadership and “can do” attitude is legendary and truly inspirational.   As a couple of faith, they embody what it means to be, “an Ambassador of Faith.”  As St. John Neumann parishioners, we are blessed to have them in our parish and we applaud them for their work.  Their commitment, stamina and deeply held belief that all things are possible with God, gives us all hope.  Click HERE for a video of the Glade’s receiving the award. 


May God bless you and watch over you always!


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