The Bible Timeline


Evening Class

Morning Class
Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30PM

September 11 – April 16

Facilitated by:

Drew Dutton

Wednesdays, 9:30-11:30AM

September 12 – April 24

Facilitated by:

Linda Dehan & Karen May


St. Timothy Room

Cost: $40



This is the foundational study in The Great Adventure Bible Study Series that has helped hundreds of thousands of Catholics learn to read the Bible.

The Bible Timeline is a fascinating study that takes participants on a journey through the entire Bible. They will go deep into each period of salvation history and discover the amazing story woven throughout all of Scripture. Using a unique color-coded system, they will learn the major people, places, and events of the Bible and see how they all come together to reveal the remarkable story of our faith. The Bible Timeline has been granted the Imprimatur.

For more information contact Laura Hughes, Director of Adult Faith Formation, at or at 512-328-3220, ext. 117.


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Before you Study the Bible, get the Big Picture

Central to The Great Adventure is The Bible Timeline Chart: a simple, color-coded timeline of Bible history. It divides the entire timeline into 12 color-coded periods and then focuses on 14 books that tell the story in chronological order.

Key people and events that advance the story are highlighted so that the newcomer isn’t overwhelmed with too much at once. The Bible Timeline Chart and Bookmark show at a glance where every book of the Bible fits into the overall narrative context.

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For more information contact Laura Hughes, Director of Adult Faith Formation, at or at 512-328-3220, ext. 117.

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