With gratitude we thank our graduating high school seniors, who have served as liturgical volunteers. Your dedication is not only appreciated, but admired.

Below our liturgical volunteers share the gifts they received from serving and their plans for the fall. Not pictured: Danny Salazar.

Graduating Liturgical Volunteers

NINA GUERRA (Altar Server) - Altar serving has taught me how to be a better leader and how to share God’s story. It has encouraged me to reach out a helping hand and better the community around me. Through altar serving I have also grown in my relationship with the Lord. It has really shown me how beautiful the church community and the Mass is through His eyes and how we need to do all that we can to keep it that way. I feel honored that I got the opportunity to serve the Lord during Mass. I have enjoyed my time as an Altar Server and I am grateful for what I have learned in this time. My future plans are to attend Iowa State University and major in Elementary Education.

PAUL MEYER (Altar Server) - I've benefited from being an altar server because I've been able to be more fully involved in the Mass. I've learned a lot more about the Mass itself and it has been a great way from me to give back to the St. John Neumann community. Thank you for the opportunity to do so. I will be attending Texas Tech in the fall majoring in kinesiology.

ANDREW PAAPE (Altar Server) - I really enjoyed serving the church and it gave me a more intimate way to experience Mass. In the fall I will be attending the University of Texas Austin.

MATTHEW SANTOSO (Altar Server) - As an Altar Server at St. John Neumann, I have enjoyed spending time with my friends serving God, getting to know our priests more, and learning more about the work that goes into getting Mass ready. I will be attending UT Austin for Chemical Engineering this coming school year.

VALERIE SCHAEFER (Altar Server) - I have enjoyed being a part of the Altar Serving ministry for 9 years at SJN. It has made the mass very meaningful to me. Next year I will attend The University of South Carolina and study Pre Physical Therapy in the College of Exercise Science.

SYDNEY SCHIRO (Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion and Lector) - I have served as a Lector and Eucharistic Minister at SJN all four years of my high school career and have truly cherished every moment. I have developed a greater understanding for the Mass and have felt the power of God's love in a very profound way. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to proclaim the Word of God and spread the Good News through these ministries. I will be attending the University of Texas at Austin this Fall and plan to major in Radio, Television, and Film and minor in Spanish. Hook 'em!

NOLAN SCREEN (Altar Server) - I enjoy serving on the third Sunday of every month and all major holidays like Easter and Christmas. In the fall I will be attending Saint Edward University in Austin. I am excited to start a new path at college and am open to new and exciting things.

LYLA SENN (Altar Server) - I enjoyed serving at St. John Neumann because it allowed me to get more involved in the Mass and further serve my community. Serving brought me closer to God through a personal servant leadership relationship with Him. Next year, I will be attending the University of Notre Dame where I will be studying chemical engineering.

JASON THOMAS (Usher) - I liked serving as an usher for St. John Neumann because it allowed me to participate in the Mass and be helpful to others. I hope to continue ushering at the church I will attend in college. Next year I will take a Gap Year and travel. Afterwards, I will attend Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.

JOSEPH TORELLI (Altar Server) - I have enjoyed serving as an altar server once a month at the 7:30 mass since 4th grade. It has been a blessing to serve this Mass with my two brothers Chris & James. I am also thankful for Bill Quick who has been my mentor since the very beginning. I will attend the University of Texas this fall studying Corporate Communications.

INGRID JEANNETTE VILLARREAL (Altar Server) - I have been an altar server at St. John Neumann's since fourth grade. I am grateful for my years as an altar server that has allowed me to grow closer to my faith. I will be attending the University of Texas at Austin this fall where I was selected for the Biology Scholars Program in the College of Natural Sciences. I plan to attend medical school after my undergraduate studies.

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