Scheduling a Wedding at St John Neumann

The Sacrament of Matrimony “Christian marriage, as a reflection of the union between Christ and his Church, is fully realized in the union between a man and a woman who give themselves to each other in a free, faithful and exclusive love, who belong to each other until death and are open to the transmission of life, and are consecrated by the sacrament, which grants them the grace to become a domestic church and a leaven of new life for society.” 292 Amoris Laetitia

To book your wedding at St. John Neumann, please follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Please complete the Marriage Intake Form.
  2. Please read the “Guide to Sacramental Marriage“.
  3. Upon receipt of your Marriage Intake Form, a parish staff member will call you for more details.
  4. A priest or deacon will then call you to setup an orientation and welcome.

Fees and Stipends
To reserve the date of your wedding, a meeting with the deacon,baptismal certificates with notations and the full church fee must be paid at time of booking. Cancellation 6 months prior to the ceremony you will receive a full refund minus a 200.00 service fee. Cancellation 3-6 months prior to wedding you have the option of rescheduling at no cost or a 50 % refund minus a 200.00 service fee. Cancellation 3 months prior to wedding no refund is given. 

Wedding Fee
Saturday Weddings are available at 10:30 am, 2:00 pm, and 7:30 pm. Friday weddings are available if the church is free of events.

Included in the wedding fee:

Stipends and additional costs

* The standard for determining parishioner status for facility rental is based on these criteria: (1) The couple or their parents must be registered members of the parish and must have a documented history of some financial contribution for at least a 6 month period, which justifies the lower fee for rental of facilities.2) Rental fees are based on parishioner/non-parishioner status at the time the Church is reserved.

**Not a registered parishioner of St John Neumann, however resides within the Diocese of Austin

We ask that all couples read our comprehensive document concerning the marriage program at St. John Neumann. This will explain in greater detail the points made here and other questions you may have.

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Are you looking for marriage support?  We have information on local resources.

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