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iCalendar – Dwight added all of our sessions into his icalendar and offered to share it with us! – United States Conference of Catholic Bishops site – lots of great info about all areas of our faith

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“Ask it” Basket

Can the candidates use the name of a Blessed (i.e. Blessed Miguel Pro etc…) instead of a saint for their Confirmation name?

No. The Rite of Confirmation calls for a saint’s name and does not include the names of a Blessed nor the names of those mentioned in the Old Testament.

What about the use of an Archangel as a saint name?

There are only three Archangels which the church has declared as “Saints.” These are Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael and the candidate may only choose from these three.


Class Takeways: 

The Divine Nature
Sept 12 & 17

Creation and Human Dignity
Sept 19 & 24

The Fall and
Salvation through Christ
Sept 26 & Oct 1

Protecting and
Passing on the Good News
Oct 3 & 8

An Introduction to
Reading the Bible
Oct 10 & 15

Praying with Scripture Retreat
Oct 21

7 The Mass

The Mass
Oct 24 & 29

Saints and Angels
Oct 31 & Nov 5

The Works of Mercy
Nov 7 & Nov 12

The Person of Jesus Christ
Nov 28 & Dec 3

Mary, the Mother of God

Mary, the Mother of God
Dec 5 & 10

The Sacraments
Jan 9 & 14

Baptism & Confirmation
Jan 16 & 21

The Eucharist
Jan 23 & 28

Marriage & the Family Retreat
Feb 3

Holy Orders,
Religious Life & the Papacy
Feb 6 & 11

Lent & the
Stations of the Cross
Feb 13 & 18

Confession: the
Sacrament of Reconciliation
Feb 20 & 25


Healing & Final Things
Feb 27 & Mar 4

The Celebration of Triduum
Mar 6 

 Spirituality & the Moral Life
Apr 10 & 15


The Beatitudes
Apr 17 & 22

 Liturgical Prayer
Apr 24 & 29
Ministry Presentations
May 1 & 6 


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