The Sacrament of Matrimony “Christian marriage, as a reflection of the union between Christ and his Church, is fully realized in the union between a man and a woman who give themselves to each other in a free, faithful and exclusive love, who belong to each other until death and are open to the transmission of life, and are consecrated by the sacrament, which grants them the grace to become a domestic church and a leaven of new life for society.” 292 Amoris Laetitia 

Congratulations on your engagement; we are so looking forward to knowing you and helping you enter into this holy, challenging, and exhilarating vocation of marriage. We are honored that you have chosen to prepare for your marriage with us.

At this time, due to our limited resources, we are not holding destination weddings at St John Neumann. We consider destination weddings to be when both bride and groom live outside Austin and neither parents are members of St John Neumann.

In order to have your wedding at St John Neumann, the bride or groom must live in Austin and/or your parents must be registered members of St John Neumann for at least 6 months at the date of booking the ceremony.

Where and how do I begin? Your first step in this is to contact Janice Maginn. She is our wonderful marriage preparation coordinator and she will help you with all the details. You may reach Janice at the parish office at 512.328.3220 ext. 103 or by email at Office hours for Janice Monday through Friday from 8-4 pm.

The first thing that she will coordinate with you is setting up an initial meeting with one of the ministers here at St John Neumann. This initial interview is your first step before any dates or reservations can be set.

Please, in order avoid disappointment for yourselves and others, do not set a date until you have this initial meeting.

Janice will also ask you to obtain a Baptismal Certificate. We will need proof of Baptism from all Baptized parties. Catholic parties need to obtain a new, certified certificate with notations from their place of Baptism. Please let us know if there any difficulties in obtaining proof of Baptism.

As you are well aware; marriage is no frivolous undertaking, and we here at St. John Neumann honor the importance of this beautiful covenant with a preparation program. To give ample time for this program, and to give space for discernment and prayer, we ask that couples give the preparation time a minimum of 6 months. If your wedding is outside of the Austin area, we ask that you to give a minimum of a year in order that we can make all the necessary arrangements. All that being said, please give ample time between the engagement and the proposed date of your wedding.

St. John Neumann receives many requests for wedding ceremonies which places demands on our facilities and our staff. To help support our mission and provide services for your wedding day, we ask certain fees from couples celebrating their wedding here at St. John Neumann.

Here is a list of fees that you should expect.

  1. A $200 deposit to be refunded after the wedding. Cancellation for any reason prior to the ceremony will void your deposit. Consuming food, drinks, gum or the use of tobacco in the church by anyone will void your deposit, both at the rehearsal and the wedding.

  2. $650 facility use fee for active Parishioners (Active Parishioners are couples, or their parents, who are registered members of St John Neumann and who have a documented history of some financial contribution for at least a 6 month period at the time the wedding date is booked).  You may register here to become a parishioner at St. John Neumann.

  3. $1200 facility use fee for non-parishioners

  4. 350 Organist fee

  5. $200 Cantor (Musician) Fee

  6. Extra musicians, instrumentalist, and rehearsals may be a source of additional fees

  7. Some of our the marriage preparation programs may require their own costs

Your contribution and support of our ministry here at St. John Neumann is most appreciative and we will do everything we can to make your wedding a beautiful and sacred occasion.

That being said, we recognize that some are truly unable to meet these requirements due to financial difficulty. If that is your situation, please feel free to talk to one of the Priests about your needs and what accommodations might be made.

We ask that all couples read our comprehensive document concerning the marriage program at St. John Neumann. This will explain in greater detail the points made here and other questions you may have.

We look forward to walking with you in your discernment of the vocation of marriage and in the many years to come. Let us know how we can help.


For support in your marriage.

Marriage Encounter Weekend for Couples to Deepen Their Marriage

Marriage Encounter Weekend is offered to couples in healthy marriages who want to learn new ways to deepen their communication. The ME Weekend is an experience designed to help married couples communicate more intimately with one another. It’s a weekend away from home, family and responsibilities, where, in a comfortable environment, a couple is guided in the discovery of new techniques of communicating and sharing with one another.  The program is designed to help marriages become a true source of strength. Most retreats are held at Cedarbrake Retreat Center from Friday evening (7 p.m.) until Sunday afternoon (5 p.m.).  There are also weekends occasionally held at various Austin area hotels with a similar schedule.  During the summer, Central Texas Marriage Encounter often offers a nonresidential weekend at various parishes in the diocese.  These nonresidential weekends follow the same weekend schedule, although couples sleep at their own homes and the programs are held in various rooms on the parish campus.  For more information and a schedule, please visit the Austin Central Texas Marriage Encounter Web site.

Retrouvaille Weekend for Couples That Need Help Through Difficult Times in Their Marriage

Retrouvaille (pronounced retro-vi with a long i) is a ministry designed to help troubled marriages regain their health.  Do you feel alone? Are you frustrated or angry with each other? Do you argue … or have you just stopped talking to each other? Does talking about it only make it worse? Retrouvaille has helped 10s of 1000s of couples experiencing difficulties in their marriage. The program helps spouses uncover or re-awaken the love, trust and commitment that originally brought them together. The program is for couples that are struggling and staying together, as well as for those that are separated. For confidential information about or to regiter for the program contact Vince and Judy Sweat at (512) 267-6127 or visit the Web site at

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