Communion Allergen Information

Low-Gluten Hosts vs. Gluten-Free Hosts

In Roman Catholic Masses we may only validly use low-gluten hosts. Hosts that do not have gluten are considered invalid matter for the Mass. Thus, gluten-free hosts should not be used and they are not offered at St. John Neumann. Those who struggle with celiac disease or other allergens may choose to receive only the Precious Blood or Body of Christ, for which they still receive 100% the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ.

How to Receive Low-Gluten Hosts or the Precious Blood Only

If you need a low-gluten host, please let the Sacristan (has a name tag) or the priest know how many you need and where to stand to receive the host, no later than 5 minutes before Mass if not earlier. Those who need to receive the Precious Blood only and first should sit to where they would receive first in line or notify the Sacristan before Mass for instructions.

For your information the ingredients and allergen information for our hosts and wine is as follows.


The wine is made of grapes and they do not contain nuts, gluten, shell fish, or other allergens. The only ingredient that may be a concern is sulfites; however, this is present in all wines.


We use wheat hosts by the Cavanagh Company. They only use whole wheat flour and water to produce altar bread. The facility does not bake or package any other product so there is no chance of cross contamination. They do not use any baking sprays and thus their breads are 100% wheat flour and water.

Low-gluten hosts are by the Benedictine Sisters Altar Bread. It includes wheat, starch, and water.  It contains less than .01% gluten.

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