Mass Announcement Policy


“To the Concluding Rites belong the following: a) brief announcements, should they be necessary” (GIRM 90a).

An opportunity for promoting events is available at the end of Mass. However, all advertising should primarily occur using our various channels of communication that our Director of Communications oversees. They include the Bulletin, website, social media, etc. These media channels should be used before a Mass Announcement is granted. The policy for submittals is as follows.

Guidelines and Requirements

  1. Mass Announcements should be used sparingly by ministries and staff. They should be used for key events or messages of great importance.
  2. Mass announcements occur at the end of Mass in-between the Prayer after Communion and the Final Blessing.
  3. Announcements should be brief, 1-3 sentences.
  4. Announcements should be to the point: Who, What, Where, When, & Why. They should include the sender’s contact info in case a question arises.
  5. Announcements should be sent early but the deadline is on Thursdays at 12 noon.
  6. For various reasons the priest may prudently amend, paraphrase, or omit announcements.

 Where do I Send It?

Mass announcements should be e-mailed to, called in to 512-328-3220, ext. 107 or mailed to Paul A. Juárez, Director of Liturgy.

Other Communications Requests: Sylvia Chavez, Director of Communications


Please visit to see our communication opportunities and policies in more detail.

For a PDF copy of our policy,click below.


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