Seminarian Tomas Lara

Good luck to Tomas!  He is leaving August 5th to return to the seminary.  Write a farewell message:

St. John Neumann welcomes seminarian Tomas Lara. Tomas will be with SJN this summer and wrote the following to introduce himself to SJN:

“I was blessed to grow up with a family who knew and lived the faith. I have one sister Diana and 2 nephews that I love with all my heart. We moved to Austin, Texas when I was 13 years old and after high school I went back to Mexico to study filming arts. Things did not work out with acting so I came back to Austin. I started working and was very active in my parish. My faith was on fire so much so that I remember wanting to serve the Lord. I became significantly involved in various ministries in my home parish, St. Ignatius, Martyr, and Cristo Rey. The Lord quickly helped me understand my natural disposition to serve. I could not run away from it. I broke up with my girlfriend and joined seminary. This is my first year of Seminary and the Lord has been good. I enjoy hiking, reading and walking in the woods.”

Tomas may join us for Mass the weekend of June 2-3. Otherwise, he will begin serving the weekend of June 9-10. At the end of some Masses, he’ll introduce himself to the parish. He’ll begin working in the Office on Monday, June 4. Mr. Lara will be involved with Daily and Weekend Masses, the Liturgy Office, Youth Ministry like the upcoming Covecrest retreat, hospital visits, Vacation Bible School, and more. 

He will have a desk in the Office. His forthcoming e-mail address will be or you may call him at 512-328-3220. Please help us in welcoming Tomas when you see him!

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