Diocese of Austin Ethics & Integrity in Ministry Requirement

Beginning January 1, 2021, the Online EIM Training fulfills the EIM compliance/training requirement only for applicants who have an existing EIM account and have previously attended an EIM Workshop. As of January 1, new applicants, and existing applicants who have never attended an EIM Workshop, must attend an in-person EIM Workshop to fulfill their initial EIM compliance requirement.

All Clergy (active and retired), Religious (Sisters and Brothers), Seminarians, diocesan, parish and Catholic school employees (full-time, part-time and stipend), and all adult lay persons who volunteer in ministry with minors or vulnerable adults, or in any ministry, program or organization that serves youth or vulnerable adults in any manner, or functions at a time and place where they are typically present, are required to be EIM compliant. Volunteers who are non-compliant with EIM are not permitted to serve in ministry. If you have questions regarding the Diocese of Austin’s EIM program please contact, Don Prince, the parish EIM site administrator.

If you have experienced sexual abuse and have concerns regarding attending the EIM Workshop, please contact Emily Hurlimann at (512) 949-2447 to discuss an alternative workshop arrangement.

To begin the online training:

  1. The training starts at #2, but you must first login at eappsdb.com/austin to get the following information from your EIM account: 1) your Name as it appears in your account and 2) your Application Submission Date (found at top left of your Application Overview page). If you don’t recall your User ID/ Password, click Forgot User ID? or Password? at bottom of the login page – check your spam/junk folder if you don’t receive the emails.
  2. Print the Online EIM Training Verification form (you may answer the questions on the form while viewing the 3 sections)
  3. Fill in your Name and the Application Submission Date as noted in 1.a.– you can’t receive credit if we can’t figure out who you are
  4. Review the Introduction Power Point
  5. Watch Protecting our Children: A Family’s Response  closed captioning is available – click CC at bottom right of video screen to select language.
  6. Respond to the questions in Section 1 on the Training Verification form
  7. Watch Elder Abuse – learn the signs and break the silence – closed captioning is available – click CC at bottom right of video screen to select language. (NOTE: This video is produced by the Alberta Government and the Alberta Abuse Awareness Network; the contact and resource information is not for use in Texas)
  8. Review the elder abuse prevention brochure Everyone’s Business
  9. Respond to the questions in Section 2 on the Training Verification form
  10. Review the Policies, Reporting Procedures and Code of Ethics Power Point
  11. Respond to the questions in Section 3 on the Training Verification form
  12. You may submit your Online EIM Training Verification form in one of 3 ways:
    1. Click here to enter your responses online – the quickest way to get your account updated
    2. Scan and email your form to eimworkshop@austindiocese.org (do not use this email address to contact the EIM Office)
    3. Postal mail your form to: EIM Office
      6225 E 290 HWY SVRD EB
      Austin, TX  78723

New Applicants:

Submitting the EIM Application permits the Diocese of Austin to run a background check and creates an account where your workshop history is stored. Volunteers may engage in ministry once an application is approved, however, your first workshop needs to be completed within 60 days of submitting an Application.

  1. Submit an EIM Application (one-time only)
    • Online Registration (fastest & most secure) – you will be directed to eAppsDB, the Diocese online database
  2. Attend an EIM Workshop after your application has been approved. Applications may take 1-2 weeks to process and approve. You may login to your account at any time to check your Organization Status found in the upper left hand column.

Sign Up for Workshops:

(Initial Application must have already been submitted)

In order to be EIM Compliant, you must attend an EIM Workshop every 3 years.

  1. Login to your existing EIM account.  If you cannot log in but believe you have submitted an application in the past, contact, Don Prince, the parish EIM site administrator, or contact the Diocese EIM Office for assistance. Do not create a duplicate account.
  2. Click the “Sign up for a Workshop” link found in the bottom right column.

Next EIM class: TBD

Time: 7-9 PM
Location: St. Timothy room
The Diocese now requires all workshop attendees to be PRE-REGISTERED AT LEAST 24 HOURS BEFORE the start of the workshop.  Walk-Ins and latecomers are no longer admitted.

EIM Workshops in other locations | Workshops are offered year-round throughout the diocese.  If you are non-compliant and/or cannot attend the upcoming SJN workshop please sign-up for a workshop at another location. Find upcoming workshops after you log into your account or DOWNLOAD OTHER AUSTIN AREA WORKSHOPS.


Contact Don Prince your Parish EIM coordinator: EIM@sjnaustin.org or (512) 328-3220

EIM for Children and Youth

  • Please e-mail Christie McGee about the Called to Protect Children Sessions for Kindergartens – 5th Graders.
  • Please click here to register/inquire about the Called to Protect Youth Sessions for 6th Graders.

How to Find the Date of Your Last EIM Workshop

  1. Login to eAppsDB, the Diocese online database
  2. On the left side, mouse over/hover over the Workshop Dates to see your last workshop date. If it has been more than three years since your most recent workshop, you are due for another workshop.

Reporting Abuse & Care for Victims

Click here to view our webpage for more information.