Do you need to update your information?

In order to update your information you will need to follow these 2 STEPS:

1) Find your ID/Envelope #.  Many people do not receive envelopes anymore so  if you do not have it, please call the front office at 512.328.3220.

2) Once you have your Envelope # - please proceed to the St. John Neumann Catholic Church Registration Form.  IMPORTANT! - Do not use nicknames and please fill out this form in its entirety (all required fields need to be entered whether or not it needs to be updated) .  The information you fill out on this form  will replace ALL of you current contact information with the new information.

Why should I register or update my information?
Have you been attending Mass, but have not registered? Are you registered, but have not updated any new information? Your parish registration and current information allows us to serve you best when we receive requests for letters of good standing required of godparents, baptisms, first communion, confirmation, weddings, letters of recommendation, and more. Your official membership also allows us to communicate with you as needed through the E-Newsletter, parish mailings, etc.

Thank you for being part of the St. John Neumann family!