Especially at this time, we all can use some mercy and grace. We are all doing the best we can with what we have and know. We recognize that the health of the family depends on the authority and guidance entrusted to you as parents. The weight of this responsibility feels overwhelming and daunting due to our lack of trust in God and sinful nature. Christ reminds us that His yoke is heavy and His burden light (see Matthew 11:30). The prophet Jeremiah assures us that God not only had you in mind before He knit you in your mother’s womb, but He also appointed you to be a prophet to the nations, including to your household (see Jeremiah 1:5).  St. Paul also reminds us that “those whom [God] predestined He also called, and those He called He also justified; and those whom He justified He also glorified” (Romans 8:30).

“You are the primary educator. . . and that should fill us with great hope. . . we should not despair... because God has you in mind to parent your children. He wants to give you the grace, He’s actually giving you the grace right now, to do that job.”

Goals for faith formation at home

  • Foster parent/teen relationships through intentional engagement
  • Provoke thoughtful conversation and develop a language and vocabulary for self-reflection
  • Increase our awareness of God’s presence and intervention in our daily lives through daily prayer (loving conversation with God)

What to expect from SJN this faith formation year

Starting September 13th

  • This month is all about you: rooting your relationship with the Lord and with fellow parents in the trenches
  • Your Life Group leader will contact you(and each member of your small group of parents) about your weekly availability throughout the month of September
  • Your Life Group leader will schedule a time that works best for you and your small group to meet digitally in a given week
  • Your Life Group will meet digitally and converse over the week’s topic facilitated by a pre-recorded talk that you will watch together
  •        The video will offer some insight and allow time for group discussion

Starting in October

  • Remember, you are walking with your teen in their walk with Christ. He is the Teacher. We cooperate as companions on the journey.
  • You will receive the week’s content on Friday, outlining the conversation topic for you and your teen/family that includes resources for your personal education and reflection. Be sure to review these resources so you feel more comfortable with the content details (head-knowledge), as well as more personally comfortable through individual application and reflection(heart-knowledge)

According to your schedule, take time during the week to talk to your teen/family about the topic. It is up to your discretion of whether this occurs in one weekly formal sitting or segmented casual discussions throughout the week (recommended)

  • The outline suggests activities and questions to approach the topic using different learning methods (ex. Games, activities,, personal reflection, discussion, videos)
  • The closing prayer exercise is the most important part of your discussion.
  • We can talk all we want about Jesus. However, until we equip our teens with the tools and practice to develop a personal relationship with God, He will continue to be a mere historical figure, rather than the merciful Savior of the universe
  • Consider re/using different prayer exercises each day to build the habit of prayer and conversation with God. If we want to spend eternity with Him in heaven, let’s avoid any awkward conversation and start that relationship now.
  • After your discussion, complete and submit the reflection form linked in the weekly email before moving to the next topic the following Sunday. These reflections address the quality and content of conversation rather than an academic assessment. Your feedback crafts future content to better meet your family’s needs.
  • For example, you will receive the October 4th outline on Friday, October 2nd. This week’s content includes the Mass reading for October 4th. The reflection is due the following Sunday, October 11th.

Edge Schedule 2020-2021

September 13 – Parent (only) Life Groups: The Call to Ongoing Conversion

September 20  –  Parent (only) Life Groups: The Domestic Church

September 27  – Parent (only) Life Groups: Living the Domestic Church

October 4 –  Deserted Island: The Desire for Friendship

October 11 –  SOS: Challenges in Friendship

October 18 – Lifeboat: Being a Good Friend

October 25 – The Great Idea: Why Am I Here?

November 1 – Internal Component: What Does It Mean to Be Human?

November 8 – Binary Code: Does My Body Matter?

November 15 – Limited Edition: What Makes Me Unique?

November 22 – No sessions (Thanksgiving Break)

November 29 – No sessions (Thanksgiving Break)

December 6 – Instruction Manual: Why Should I Live a Good Life?

December 13 –  Beyond Wires and Robotics: Where Am I Going?

December 20 – No Sessions (Christmas Break)

December 27 – No Session (Christmas Break)

January 3 – No Sessions (Christmas Break)

January 10 – Art Show: Can We Know that God Exists?

January 17 – Proof in the Paint: Is It Reasonable to Believe that God Exists? (First Cause Argument)

January 24 –  Museum: Is it Reasonable to Believe that God Exists? (Design Argument)

January 31 – Love Is: Defining Love

February 7 – Undivided: Following Jesus

February 14 – The Artist: Does God Care About Me?

February 21 –  Restoration: How Can a Good God Exist When There is Evil and Suffering?

February 28 – Unchanging: Sacrificial Love

March 7 –  Masterpiece: If God Exists, How Does that Change my Life?

March 14 – No Session (Spring Break)

March 21 – No Session (Spring Break)

March 28 – Choose Your Own Adventure

April 4 – No Session (Easter)

April 11 –  Unending: Sharing Christ’s Love

April 18 – Choose Your Own Adventure

April 25 – Choose Your Own Adventure

Questions about our middle school program?  We are here to help!

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Director of Middle School Youth Ministry
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