Registration For *At Home* Youth Faith Formation via paper registration only

Please watch the video that explains how we will be conducting faith formation differently this year (ie, at home, in person, family-based).

FAQ's included at bottom of page

As our online registration deadline has been met as of 8/8/20
*We are only accepting Paper Registrations at this time*

A Letter From Your Youth Faith Formation Directors:

We invite you to watch and listen to our faith formation team, Christie McGee, our Director of Children’s Faith Formation, Samantha Delfin, our Director of Middle School Youth Ministry, and Sarah Renard, our Director of High School Youth Ministry about how our parish community can greatly benefit from a family-based format of faith formation. This format will be carried out in person - with your families - lead by you, the parent. We are here to support you the whole way.

The Father does not give us the task of raising children in isolation. He promises that He will be with us until the end of the age (see Matthew 28:20). You are not alone. Along with His unfailing presence, we have the village of the church family to turn to for support, encouragement, and prayer. The clergy and staff at St. John Neumann, fellow parents, empty nesters, single people. We are with you.  You were made for this: to not only to raise up saints but to also become saints yourselves.

As we are well aware, our world is different now, requiring a shift in the method of transmitting the faith. The Diocese of Austin has given us guidance to conduct faith formation remotely. Since we are not able to physically gather as a community on church grounds, we are shifting our attention to our ability to physically gather in the home.

With the challenges of coordinating schedules to Zoom fatigue to lack of personal connection through digital platforms to the possibility of reinstated shelter-in-place mandates, equipping, empowering, and supporting you, the primordial church at home, largely alleviates families of these concerns and other obstacles.

We look forward to growing, learning, and reclaiming our faith with you and your family within the home.

Upcoming Important Dates

*Completed as of 9/9/20*
If you are interested in training materials, please contact your faith formation director directly.
We are in need of 12 more volunteers to help with family check-ins throughout the year.
Please prayerfully consider joining us as a Life Group Leader. All experience is welcomed.


LIFE GROUP PARENT TRAINING (via zoom & your Life Group Leader)

September 13 (week #1 complete)

September 20 (week #2 complete)

September 27 (week #3 complete)


Family Life Groups a GO! (at home - online resources - no zoom)

October 4th- Your Child's Faith Formation begins in the home and runs through April 25th

Family Life Group FAQ's

  1. You may ask: How will we connect with Christ in the home through our family & Church community?

Our mission is to lead families closer to Christ. We will take on our mission through a focus on the family through direct training and prayer from your Church leaders in the month of September, and personal outreach by our Volunteer 'Life Group Leaders' all year. Each family will be paired with a fellow member of our community to walk with during this time of non-gathered ministry. You meet weekly - on your own schedule. We hope to ease the strain that is put on families at this time by the constant "online" experience, and hope to promote the reclaiming of faith "in person" in the home for the whole family.

  1. So, What are Life Groups?

'Life Groups' will consist of you, your family, and your 'Life Group Leader' / volunteer! Your Life Group Leader will be trained by our Faith Formation Team and will accompany you and your family in your faith journey this year. Upon Registering your child for faith formation, every family will receive personal support, prayer, and encouragement from a Life Group Leader. If you are interested in becoming a Life Group Leader/Volunteer, let us know!

  1. Will this be Online? When do we Start?

The content for you to review with your family will be delivered weekly by email, not in real time. You are free to discuss the content according to your schedule, in person with your family and with your Life Group Leader.

Meetings with the Life Group Leaders and Parents will be for three weeks in September. Training will consist of a video series put together by your youth faith formation team. Your Life Group leader will be in contact with you to coordinate scheduling with you to see when is a good time for all of you to digitally meet once a week for those first three weeks.

Life Group Leader training will be prior to September to ensure their readiness for YOU on September 13th! In the 3 weeks of September, times of meetings and learning are set according to your schedules (both you and your Life Group Leader, who will be coaching you through training each week).

Following the first three weeks of Parent Training and Life Group Leader coaching - you will be launched into the full format of this year's faith formation with your whole family as a Life Group, accompanied by your Life Group Leader.

Life Group Leaders (LGL) FAQ’s

    1. Will there be a  huge Zoom meeting for all Life Group Leaders and families all together on September 13 as an introduction to the program, OR is the first interaction between the Life Group Leaders and the parents of their assigned families sometime the week of September 13?
      A: The first interaction between the Life Group Leaders (LGL) and the parents will be sometime the week of September 13th. There will not be a huge Zoom meeting for everyone. Meetings are scheduled by the LGL and their Life Group.
    2. Are there discussion questions that are provided in the video or are those provided separately in an email?
      A: The discussion questions will be visually included in the videos. They may be provided in a separate email to LGLs.
    3. Is there anything else in the weekly meeting agenda other than the video and discussion questions?  A: No.
    4. Do you recommend that we review the videos before our sessions with the parents?
      A: I would recommend the  LGLs review the videos before the sessions for the sake of familiarity and to stew on some thoughts for discussion in case conversation is stale. Consider treating the prep as you would for faith formation sessions.
    5. When will the video links for our weekly sessions be available?
      A: We are shooting for the formation video for Week 1 to be available by Friday evening (a communication will go out when that is available.) The videos for Weeks 2 and 3, we are shooting for those to be available by the end of next week.
    6. I’m planning to set a standard date/time for our September weekly sessions.  I’m hoping everyone can make it.  If that’s a problem for a large percentage, would changing it be a reasonable plan?
      A: That sounds reasonable. If you're up for it, it may also be worth asking families two or three days and times that work for them and go from there to see if any of that availability aligns.
    7. If a family can’t make one of the weekly sessions, can we give them the link to the video for that week so they can watch it another time?
      A: Ideally, we find a time for everyone to meet together so that we are also sure to connect families to one another. If that is not possible, I would suggest setting a time to meet one on one with that family to have an element of personal engagement.
    8. Do you think the video and discussion will take roughly 1 hour? 1.5 hours? 2 hours? Other?
      A: When we planned out the video content and discussion time, we had one hour in mind. It is up to the LGLs to either keep to the schedule regarding discussion times, or communicating to your group that you may run over depending on how discussion goes and the level of engagement from the parents.
    9. There was also mention of materials for sacramental prep.  Is that a separate email and family exercise than the regular weekly material?
      A: Sacrament prep materials will be a separate topic of discussion for those participating in preparations this year. (For example, Confirmation prep students will receive individual instruction from their faith formation director. This formation will be in addition to the weekly Gospel reflections happening within the families. Confirmation students are encouraged to meet one-on-one with their sponsor to further discuss topics in our Chosen online program relating to the sacrament.) Edge will adapt to an at home format. Children's Formation will use Pflaum resources. Gospel themes will link all programs.
    10. After the three weekly meetings, I’ll connect with each family 2-3 times/semester assuming I’m assigned 5 families. Is that right? A: Correct.
       Is there a specific agenda that you have in mind for these connections? A: The goal is to assure parents of our support, challenge them on a greater integration of Christ into their lives (whether it be through daily prayer or increased participation in the Sacraments), and receive feedback on how SJN can better tailor the content to their needs.
    11. What if I am not tech-savvy? A: Don't worry, we will help you with whatever you need! (Zoom links will be provided to you once we know your digital meet-up dates for those who need assistance.)